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Whether it is a big day at work, a special event to attend, or a group photo to pose for, the last thing you want is to arrive somewhere with a swollen, bloated face. A puffy face is usually a result of too much sodium (salt) and consequent high water retention in your body.

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However, there can be more reasons attributing to a bloated face like high alcohol consumption, dehydration, allergies, stress, inflammation, hormonal changes, and sleep postures. Often, a bloated face is a simple sign of an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, and can be controlled with the following tips:

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1. Icing your face/splashing cold water

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. Reduce salt intake

There’s a reason why face swelling is also regarded as ‘sushi face’ because excessive salt and soy can cause water retention. This results in bloating of the face and stomach too. So avoid salty and processed foods (refined carbohydrates) in general but more specifically before bedtime.

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3. Hydration is key

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and flush out toxins with antioxidant beverages like green tea, apple cider vinegar, freshly squeezed fruits and vegetable juices etc.

4. A healthy nighttime skincare routine

Remember to wash off your makeup before bed to avoid inflammation and follow the simple cleansing-toning-moisturising routine at bedtime to allow your skin to replenish itself as you rest.

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5. Avoid excess alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake along with complex sugars in chasers and mixers can contribute to a swollen face the next day.

6. Watch how you sleep

How you sleep also affects your body. Sleeping on the stomach or pressing your face down on the pillow can also cause puffiness.

7. Exercise and facial yoga

A good cardiovascular workout and facial yoga asanas can help too.

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One of the biggest contributing factors to a puffy face is our diet. Here are a few food items to avoid, especially before bedtime if you’re susceptible to bloating:

1. Heavy dairy products like milk, cheese, etc.

2. Deep-fried food like french fries, chicken nuggets, etc.

3. Alcoholic beverages

4. Items with soy or teriyaki sauce like sushi, ramen, etc.

5. Processed meats

6. Artificial sweetened beverages and desserts

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The kind of food you should be eating instead:

1. Fresh fruits with high water content like melons.

2. Vegetables like bell pepper, avocado, etc.

3. Fermented foods and beverages like kombucha, probiotic yogurts, etc.

4. Stick to whole grains and fruits instead of processed items and juices.

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